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the brands.

hecho en nueva york.

#iblamesociety was motivated by individual expression. to be true to ourselves authentically and unapologetically while celebrating individuality and empowerment. #heirss, our children's brand, is an extension of what we are.

the founder.

"e for effort not for excuses."

hello, my name is felix liberato and i am the founder and ceo of #iblamesociety and #heirss. as a non-english speaking immigrant of the dominican republic and living in one of the most stylish and fashionable cities in the world, it was difficult to acclimate myself with the dynamic fashion culture of nyc.

i wanted to be stylish and have the swag that new yorkers had so to fit in and be accepted, i started working as a porter in my neighborhood and had multiple jobs to have enough money to keep up with the latest jordans. with all odds against me, i managed to find a way to win and find myself.

the reason i created #iblamesociety was because i felt my story can resonate with others and i wanted to create a voice through my clothes. #iblamesociety and #heirss inspires you to express yourself without worry or judgement in a way that gives you confidence and a voice. 

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